Menopause and ME/Fibromyalgia

After my last post I got a great response on my personal Facebook post and discovered something.

I am going through Menopause! 🙂

Because of my ME/Fibro I thought it was just getting worse… turns out I was getting a double dose of everything because of the Menopause.

Now I know I am not going nuts! I am able to cope a lot better and can understand what is going on.  My doctor also changed my antidepressant from Prozac to Zoloft… only been on them a few days so can’t say if they are helping or not yet.

So the moral of this story is always go and see the doctor if things get worse for no apparent reason and also listen to friends 🙂 <3

One other bit of advice is to get blood tests at least once a year.  Just to make sure everything is still the same and nothing has changed it is very easy to say oh it is just such and such and it could be something entirely different.  I am having mine on Thursday!

Hope you are having a good week!

SciFiKriss 🙂

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I have lived with ME/CFS since 2004 but with depression and anxiety since a child. Hoping that with this site I can help others with either how to handle it or ask your friends to read. We all know that with an unseen disease it is hard for friends and family to understand.

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