Body changes as I hit 50

So I hit 50 in February and since then my body has changed in many ways.  Not all to do with the ME/CFS either!

One thing that changed was my hair, I went from greasy to dry in a matter of a month!  Thought I was just imagining it but spoke to my hairdresser and she said that yes that can happen.  Weird!

I also get tired quicker which for someone with ME is not good!  And for some unknown reason I have to get to sleep whilst watching NHK on my tablet.  That maybe due to stress/anxiety but as it only used it happen occasionally and now it is every night…mmmm.

My skin also changed texture.

I have no idea if it is due to menopause as I had a hysterectomy so I have no clue.  As a lot of the symptoms of that also mimic ME hard to say as well. 🙂

I know this is not really dealing with an unseen illness but thought I would post about it just in case others have things like this happen at different times in your life.

Isn’t the body a wonderful thing!

I have seen my doctor btw and it is just due to aging.  I have heard others say ‘oh when I hit … everything changed!’  didn’t believe it.  Believe it! 🙂

SciFiKriss 🙂

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I have lived with ME/CFS since 2004 but with depression and anxiety since a child. Hoping that with this site I can help others with either how to handle it or ask your friends to read. We all know that with an unseen disease it is hard for friends and family to understand.

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  1. Yup, similar things happen when I passed 50 and they are still happening. 🙂

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