Living with ME/CFS with Depression and Anxiety

So what is like to live with illness where there is no visible sign of it. For me, very difficult. I have ME/CFS with Fibromyalgia. And to complicate matters depression with anxiety.

I became ill back in 2004 when I had to leave a job because of being mentally abused by my manager. It was bad enough that my body gave in and caused me to have a virus which lasted 6 weeks. Once it was over I was so weak that I couldn’t even make my own meals. I ended up having my mum come round and look after me. She would make 3 meals a day for me and do my housework when needed. It took a about a year before I was diagnosed with ME, after everything else was crossed off the list. Lots of tests.

I have managed over the years to cope with the illness but still can’t work due to the tiredness and now the anxiety. From the outside I look perfectly normal and I act normal as well. But inside it is an effort each day to just try to live a normal life. I know there is no such thing as a normal life but one where I feel normal. Which to me means keeping on top of the housework and being able to go out and get some food.

It gets very frustrating when some mornings I can’t even get up or if I do I am back asleep again within an hour. I have to sleep in the afternoons to make sure I can make it through the day. If I don’t sleep it takes me about 2 days to a week to recover. I only go out about 3 times a year, possibly would go out more if I had the money but it takes a lot out of me. There have been many times when I have had to cancel going out because I am just not fit enough to do it.

I will write more about living on my own as well.

SciFiKriss 🙂

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I have lived with ME/CFS since 2004 but with depression and anxiety since a child. Hoping that with this site I can help others with either how to handle it or ask your friends to read. We all know that with an unseen disease it is hard for friends and family to understand.

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